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When we look at a bowl of Harvest Stone Crispy Mix or Crackers, we don’t just see delicious, whole grain snacks. We see farmers we know and trust who are passionate about growing the highest quality ingredients for our simple, uncompromised creations. We work with people who take their farms as seriously as we take our process so the end result is always real.
And always delicious. OUR STORY

Snacking straight from our family to yours.


What's different about our snacks? Well, a lot of things.

Our Sesame

We only use one special variety of sesame seeds grown by US farmers that matures and dries right in the field.

Whole Grains

Our whole grain goodness comes from simple GMO-free ingredients like pure California rice, sesame and flax.

Authentic Usuyaki

We bake all of our crackers using an ancient technique and special ovens to create authentic Usuyaki style rice crackers.

Certified Gluten Free

All of our products are certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization and made on dedicated, certified gluten free production lines.

It’s not just ingredients that go into making Harvest Stone. There’s a whole lot of heart and soul that comes from the farmers we work with, too. Our commitment to creating real snacks starts with supporting them. By promoting healthy living, we hope to inspire new generations of farmers who will continue the tradition of real food. For us, creating awareness and getting involved in these and other related causes couldn’t be more important. It also couldn’t be easier.

University of CA, Santa Cruz

Organic Farming Apprenticeships

Aspiring organic farmers and gardeners are invited to apply for the 2016 Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Mother Jones

Organic Farming: More Profitable Than Conventional

Organic food accounts for 5 percent of US food sales, but just 1 percent of US farmland.
Phys Org

Sesame Seeds in Global Food Production

Discovering a way to increase the yield and quality of this important food crop.

Taste the real difference for yourself.

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